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You can sign up for more workshops and getting special discounts. During every workshop we will draw up a voucher for a photo shooting with Chiara Doveri.

Bilingual makes you rich

n. 3 appointments of one hour and a half

8 € each

The workshop consists in 3 different appointments, at the same time related and unconnected to each other. They are focused on helping, informing and supporting parent to understand how their children develop the use of one or more languages. Concrete possibilities and possible solutions will be analysed to offer more certainties and an opportunity to compare notes. The first appointment will concern the conscious choice of each parent to take on the concept of bilingualism and how it is possible, whereas the next two days will be about language development and how to support it, respectively.

Peacefully Quarrel

n. 3 appointments of one hour and a half

8 € each / 20 € for 3 workshops

Children fight and bicker as a normal part of their childhood and it is a fundamental step in their development to build their personality. However, adults often do not percieve these situations as a normal part of their children's development and often take inappropriate actions. During some mornings of tales, nurseryrhymes and small activities to be experienced together with children and parents, we will explore the themes of fighting, dealing with anger, peer cooperation and expressing emotions. The targeted age is 3 to 8 years old.


One workshop of two hours

25 €

In collaboration with Pastamadre. We will make play dough, edible paint, and natural glue with flour and only natural ingredients by following our imagination and creativity. Homemade toys, non-toxic, eco-friendly and inexpensive will be a joy and a lot of fun for adults and kids! At our Zauberteig workshop, you will discover that "Do It Yourself" is a perfect way to engage your children by creating together simple things and transforming food into a playful and creative material. The workshop is designed for children (4-10 years old) and adults.

The Workshop of little discoverers of art

n. 5 appointments of one hour

8 € each

We’ll look at a piece of art, talk about it, use clues to guess its meaning, learn art techniques, and then through fun games, drawings and craftwork discover its true charm… just like real “art discoverers”!

Art Therapy group for parents and children in early childhood

n. 5 appointments

Children continuously need to express themselves. Art therapy allows children to reach a greater level of self-awareness, to understand their own individual abilities, and offers them greater independence, confidence and creativity.  

Simple, natural, homemade

n. 3 workshops of 2 hours

35 € each / 90 € for 3 workshops

In collaboration with Pastamadre. Learn how to live better starting from scratch! It is an educational path of 3 appointments designed to help through those daily domestic challanges by finding out alternative and natural solutions! The workshops provide a foundation for scientific and nutritional knowledge combined with practical tricks and simple recipes. You will learn how to prepare tasty and healthy food and how to make natural, eco-friendly and low-cost products for house cleaning and body care, in order to protect your health and that of your children, the environment and as well as your family budget!

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