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The Dreimalfrauen Relocation service can take care of every detail of your trip, right from the start and can guide you step by step during your new life in Berlin. We offer consultancy to those who need information about Berlin burocracy (such as Registry office, application to local authorities, housing, job search, professional training courses, information about hospitals and general conditions for pre and post-pregnancy, Kindergartens and infancy consultancy offices, etc.).The relocation service offer also a Real Estate Consultation ranging from the search for a property to rent, dealing with a property to buy or to sell and the general administration of an apartment. The costs of those services will be agreed with the client according with his needs and with the support of qualified partners, carefully chosen by us for their professionalism.

Real Estate Consulation

Welcome in Berlin

  • Airport pick-up service

  • General information for those first few days, and all the documentation you may need

  • Help with looking for temporary accommodation

  • General information on entertainment, culture and recreational activities

  • Registration with the appropriate institutions and complain of all necessary documentation

  • Registration at language schools and / or with private language tutors

  • Basic information on finding a job

  • Information and assistance in opening a bank account

  • Assistance with setting up an internet and telephone connection

  • Residency permits (for non-EU citizens)

  • DMV vehicle registration

Short or long term rental property search

  • Initial consultation to get to know the client and their requirements

  • Finding a suitable property with the help of our professional partners or through the internet

  • Collection of necessary documents

  • Accompanied visits to view properties

  • Negotiation and guidance with contracts

  • Reading and translation of the contract

  • Accompanied collection of keys

Rental Management Services

  • Receipt and Monthly check of bills and mail

  • Direct communication with the condominium administrator

  • Communication with tenants (problems, requests, questions)

  • Key Management

  • Participation in person at Monthly condominium meetings

  • Reading of the Minutes of any monthly meetings (condominiums)

  • Detailed disclosure of payments to be made (on a monthly and yearly basis)

  • Search for tenants

  • Viewing appointments with new tenants

  • Furniture and furnishing of properties

  • Signing and renewal of tenant(s)’ contracts

  • Check-in / Check-out of property

  • End of tenancy/New tenancy professional cleaning of property

  • Personal appointments with service technicians and administrators

  • Activation and deactivation of contracts for utilities / phone / internet

  • Annual meter readings

  • Emergency repairs and maintenance

  • General management of repairs and maintenance

Management and organisation of documentation for tax returns including

  • A visit to your accountant

  • Collection of invoices and documentation regarding properties

  • Advice and checking of documentation (in person or via Skype)

Property scouting

  • Initial consultation to get to know you and to understand what you require

  • Research into the local real estate market, through collaboration with our partners and other professional means

  • Visits to potential properties and provision of photographic evidence and documentation

  • Translation and selection of documents

  • Advice on sale and purchase agreements

  • Read through and subsequent advice on the purchase agreement 

  • Meeting with the delegate at exchange of contracts

  • Meeting with the delegate to obtain the keys

Real Estate - Sales

  • Initial consultation to get to know the customer and understand what the requirements

  • Property marketing

  • Collection of necessary documents

  • Translation of documents where required

  • Visits to the property through licensed realtors

  • Stipulation of the sale contract

  • Meeting with the delegate at exchange of contracts

  • Meeting with the delegate to hand over the keys

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