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About us

dreimafrauen about us

© Chiara Doveri Photography

Dreimalfrauen is a project created by Federica, Giulia and Manuela, three young entrepreneurs and moms living as expats in Berlin.  

Our company was born out of our shared desire to help those who are facing the same hurdles we encountered when we relocated to Berlin, such as bureaucracy, housing and language barriers, among others.

Our relocation services target those who are about to move or have just moved to Berlin as well as those already living in the city. For the former we represent a solid structure that provides all the necessary support and tips to start their new life. Whereas the latter will benefit from our services by saving time they can dedicate to their family, friends, job or hobbies on bureaucracy and logistics.

Dreimalfrauen doesn’t only take care of your relocation process, but also of finding  the perfect rental home for your needs and pockets!

In addition to renting properties for short and long term, we offer inclusive property management services for Berlin home-owners.

Since 2010, we also act as mediators between property investors and our local real estate resources.

Meet the team

Federica Di Venuta

Federica was born and raised in Palermo (IT). She moved to Berlin in 2008, after graduating in Contemporary Art History at the DAMS University in Palermo (IT). In the german capital she worked as assistant at the Uqbar Art Space and as artist coordinator at  91mq Art Project Space. In 2011 she began working as real estate consultant and interior designer. In the same year, along with her friend Giulia Piccini, she founded the agency G&F, which offered property scouting and real estate consulting services. The agency soon became Dreimalfrauen, for which Federica is manly responsible for administration, accounting and property management.

Giulia Piccini

Giulia was born and raised in Udine (IT). She moved to Berlin in 2004, right after earning a degree in Contemporary Art History at the DAMS University in Bologna (IT). In Berlin, she initially worked within the city’s art sector as gallery assistant and manager. Galleries include: Kuttner&Sibert, Aurel Schreiber and the Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Project Art Space, where she also worked as a finance manager for art exhibition In Anderen Worten, in 2011. During the same year she founded G&F with Federica Di Venuta, soon to become Dreimalfrauen. For the company, Giulia is manly responsible for real estate investments and property management.

Manuela Prandini

Manuela was born in Modena (IT). She has a degree in Music and Performance Arts at the DAMS University in Bologna. Her work experience ranges from cultural events organizer to art gallery assistant. She moved to Berlin in 2011, where she worked at Mario Mazzoli Art Gallery. But her passion for public relations and for beautiful properties led her to join Giulia Piccini and Federica Di Venuta in the foundation of Dreimalfrauen. For the company, Manuela is Head of he Relocation and spokesperson.

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